Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hello again

Hello again

Not sure how many people are reading this, but I noticed that Google picked up the previous post within a few days of its arrival.

Before I get down to ordinary posting, here is a longer introduction, modestly (?) taken from the publicity for my latest book, courtesy of Wessex Publishing. Think it sets the right (slightly eccentric) tone:

“Legends of British History” is Andrew Godsell’s fifth book. Each of his previous books are notable efforts in their field. “A History of the Conservative Party” was the first critical history of the Conservatives ever published. “The World Cup” provides a massive history of the world’s leading football competition. “My Life” stands as the unique autobiography of a young author enjoying his first fifteen minutes of fame. “Europe United: A History of the European Cup / Champions League” is the most comprehensive chronicle of the relevant competition. Andrew’s writings on football, politics, history, genealogy, and rock music have appeared in magazines and newspapers, plus an educational textbook, and several websites. Moving from fact to fiction, a contribution to textual accuracy led to an acknowledgement of Mr A Godsell in the Penguin Classics edition of “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

Andrew combines writing with a career in accountancy, a profession well-known for its interesting and lively personalities! The attention to detail required in accountancy flourishes in Andrew’s writing, and he is nicknamed Statto. Political activism has included participation in both general and local elections, leading to a controversial clash with a Conservative Member of Parliament. In the world of very amateur football, Andrew played with more enthusiasm than technical ability for both Arab Banking Corporation and Deportivo Finance, before retiring from active involvement in the game. He was interviewed by the BBC at the 1990 World Cup finals, and ITV at the 2006 finals. Andrew’s competitive efforts have won prizes for table tennis and disco dancing. He was publicity co-ordinator of Brooce Fans for Fair Ticketing, a campaign against ticket touting which attracted media attention, and featured in the book “Twenty Nights to Rock: Touring with the Boss” by Bill Tangen, an American sports writer, and fellow Bruce Springsteen fan. Andrew’s supposed failings in the housework department have been discussed with amusement on ITV’s “This Morning” programme.

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